Welcome to Les Toques Blanches Korea

“Les Toques Blanches Korea” is compromised of professional chefs and other hospitality related professionals such as F&B directors, educators, trade representatives from various countries as well as hospitality related companies and individuals, who are contributing to promote the hospitality industry and deemed suitable by the Members of LTB Korea

LTB Korea is dedicated to the ongoing development of the culinary arts and networking with other chefs associations around the globe.

Our Association is particularly active with:

  • Regular meetings to discuss issues effecting our profession in Korea
  • Educational field trips to experience new and exiting products and ingredients
  • Social activities to bring members and their families together
  • Fostering good relations and contacts with other professional groups
  • Sponsoring and organizing hospitality events
  • Coaching and sponsoring of young chefs to develop them for the future
  • Supporting the Community in various charitable ways